Custom Built Films, LLC is a full-service digital media production company specializing in start to finish video, photography and graphic design solutions. From consultation to post-production, we offer highly customized, professional services suitable for every platform demanded by our clients. We produce cutting-edge digital media custom tailored to the rigorous and diverse needs of our clients.

Based in Los Angeles, we travel to shoot and work anywhere in the world. We shoot with high-end, cinema quality HD cameras and equipment to capture high quality footage with a professionally finished look. Custom Built Films also brings creative input, offering experienced directing, editing and casting solutions.

We are on hand to fully produce a wide variety of video projects: commercial, corporate, promotional, industrial, web, t.v./broadcast, documentary, educational, music video, or feature/full length film. We customize every project, big or small, to our client’s specific need and budget.

Paul Jacob Bashour, Founder of Custom Built Films has been working in the film industry for well over 10 years as a Producer, Director, DP, Camera Operator and Editor with a background in fine arts, music and photography. Paul’s work with Academy Award winning company “The Ultimate Arm” can be seen in films such as “James Bond, Skyfall”, “White House Down”, “Winters Tail”, etc. You can click on Paul’s IMDb link below for a list of more info.

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